Corporate Responsibility

Considering members of the society as a Costumer or Stakeholders has been a general tendency among Private Enterprise and Business groups but the Global Green Solutions firmly believe that the community in the society particularly the marginalized and subaltern are deriving source of their corporate ethics. Profiting from the society and paying back to the people through different philanthropic initiatives is the guiding principle of our company. It is a consistent effort on the part of the Global Green Solutions to facilitate development in such a manner so that the fruit of the development reaches to the maximum number of people in the society.

Through the activities of social responsibilities like creating opportunity of education, organizing health awareness program, skill generation program and importantly empowering the different marginalized community to participate in the development planning we believe it will democratize the benefit of development. We strongly uphold the values of democratic development which believe that development must reach to every corner of the earth right from the facility of clean drinking water, access of quality education and enjoying the world resource equally. The inclusion of excluded section in the process of development via sustainable development is one of the corner stone of our Corporate Social Responsibility

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