The Design Traineeship Program offered by Global Green Solutions Consultant (GGS) is tailored to individuals who are looking to embark on a career within the design profession

This program aims to develop the skills, knowledge and competencies required to reach the level of competence equivalent to a draftsperson and provide

  • A variety of formal and informal opportunities to accelerate learning and development.
  • Opportunities for participants to build relationship, team-building and communication skills with their professional peers .
  • Exposure to challenging work experiences on a range of assignments.
  • Career guidance and opportunities to exchange ideas, knowledge and contacts through mentoring relationships.


Global Green Solutions Consultant (GGS)’ Design Trainee Program seeks to give you maximum exposure to all parts of our business to assist in your development. In order to do this you will be rotated into different sectors and projects over the course of this program. This may include intra/interstate or overseas opportunities.


Upon commencing employment with Global Green Solutions Consultant (GGS), you will be assigned a buddy from the second or third year of the program. The role of the buddy is to assist you during your first months of employment with the company with initial orientation and induction, and provide an understanding on how Global Green Solutions Consultant (GGS) works.

After 6 months, you will be assigned a mentor who will be responsible for:

  • Monitoring your professional development in consultation with your supervisor
  • Ensuring that you receive appropriate experience
  • Reviewing your progress against developmental plans
  • Providing advice and guidance


Your supervisor is responsible for providing appropriate work assignments and the day-to-day monitoring of your progress. They will formally assess your performance on a regular basis.

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