Renewable Energy


Generating our own energy can be good for the environment and good for our pocket too. Low-carbon technologies such as wind turbines, solar panels and wood fuel boilers use renewable sources of energy, use of less fossil fuel; all these reduces the carbon footprint as well as our fuel bills.

GGS in association with Natural Power Concepts (NPC) a Hawaii-based alternative energy technology incubator developing innovative new ways of harvesting electricity from natural forces such as wind, waves, tidal and current flow, solar and geothermal heat. Our devices are designed to generate power for distribution to the grid or for industrial and consumer applications, utilizing efficient, cost effective, elegant, environmentally safe, and wildlife friendly approaches.

GGS – NPC has compiled an extensive list of competing products, companies, and organizations, and constantly updates its knowledge base with the latest information on state-of-the-art technologies. With the unique talents of its highly creative team, NPC is differentiating from its primary competitors through several specific guiding principles, including the following

Our devices take advantage of natural forces in new and previously unexploited ways

  • Our devices are designed to be highly efficient, cost effective, and rugged. The designs are elegant, creative, and artistic.
  • Our devices focus on solving common industry problems, such as storm damage avoidance for wind turbines.
  • We have designed wind devices for lower velocity wind to capture more power than most current technologies allow.
  • We have established a remarkably fast and efficient workflow and methodology for bringing concepts from the idea stage all the way through to tested prototype.
  • Blades, fins, and airfoils with highly efficient properties that are designed to eliminate many of the significant problems usually associated with marine and wind turbines, such as noise, bird and fish kills, damage from storms, debris entanglement, and inefficiency.
  • High velocity mountain wind turbine generator systems designed to capture the strong winds found in mountainous up-sloping terrain.
  • Low velocity wind turbines designed to capture the slow moving winds that are otherwise unusable in and around major population centers.
  • Wind Turbine (Folding Blade and Roof Mounted) and Spoked Wheel – Wind turbines and devices for capturing wind on high-rise and commercial buildings.

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