Projects - Sustainable Development

HQ Building of Sas Aldeyar Company

Al Mosafah - Abu Dhabi

In this project the first block is mixed use commercial and offices consist of a reinforced concrete building of two floors; the ground floor include three commercial stores, and a reception hall leading to the first floor. The first floor is an open area contains the manager office, WCs, small buffet and open plan offices for about 20-25 person. The second block is a steel structure building, with bricks for the exterior walls, established for storage. The project consists of industrial interlocking one way lopping road and 9 car parking's.

Services Provided:
  • Study and review contract documents, drawing and specifications.
  • Review all planning and programming activities to verify contract will be completed according to agreed time schedule.
  • Prepare and submit all periodical reports.
  • Review/ensure conformity of Contractor's Works to contract documents.
  • Prepare Cash Flow Projections.
  • Prepare Interim and Final Payment Certificates.
  • Monitoring of Project Progress.

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