Projects-Master Planning

Mukalla City Master Plan Development


We studied the area corresponds to the whole of Mukalla Directorate, which includes the central area of Mukalla City, the western suburb of Fowah City, and the eastern suburban extensions stretching to Rayan International Airport. The incorporated coastal strips to the west and east are, respectively, in Burum/Mifaa and Al Shihr municipalities, and Ghail Bawazir city falls administratively in a municipality with the same name. The primary objectives of the consultancy services for revising and updating the master plan of Al Mukalla.

Services Provided:
  • Analysis of existing Drawing condition in collaboration with Key stockholders
  • Forecast scenarios of future growth.
  • Draft master plan recommendations and stockholders feedback.
  • Final Master Plan recommendation and approval process.
  • Immediate and short term capital investment plans 6.
  • Final report.

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